Good to know

Arriving at the amusement park

  • The amusement park parking lot is free of charge.
  • There is parking space reserved for the handicapped in the immediate vicinity of the entrance.
  • All regular route buses (not express buses) stop near the amusement park.
  • A local bus connection from downtown Kouvola to Tykkimäki amusement park runs every day from May to August according to a separate local route timetable.
  • Using roller skates or skateboards is prohibited on the amusement park premises.
  • It is allowed to bring dogs to the amusement park. Dogs must be kept on leash and in the control of their owner.

Ticket sales

  • Ticket sales begin at the entrance counters 15 minutes before the gates open.
  • Ticket sales will be closed 10 minutes before the amusement park closes.

Payment methods

  • There is no cash machine on the premises.
  • You may pay with bank card/credit card at the entrance counters, ticket booths, games, kiosks and restaurant.
  • Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard and Diners Club are valid methods of payment.

Points of sales

  • All services and products are available every day, but opening hours will be limited on quiet days.

Liquor licence

  • Pizzaterassi and Herkkukaari have a limited liquor licence and restaurant Raveliini has a full liquor licence. It is prohibited to consume your own alcoholic beverages on the premises.

Non-smoking and smoking areas

  • Tykkimäki is a smoke-free amusement park.
  • We ask smokers to smoke only in designated areas to make Tykkimäki a pleasant place to visit.

Rides and activities

  • All safety guidelines on the rides are based on instructions from officials and ride manufacturers. The duty of ride staff is to ensure that safety guidelines are carefully followed.
  • Safety guidelines are displayed on information plaques beside the rides.
  • You must wear shoes and a shirt or jacket on the rides.
  • At the Atreenalin Adventure Park sandals are not allowed. Only appropriate solid flat shoes are acceptable, for example sneakers.
  • Last adventurers to the Atreenalin Routes are taken 60 minutes before closing time.
  • We are not responsible for bags or other belongings left to wait beside the ride, nor for possible damages caused to items taken along in the ride.


  • There are storage lockers by the entrance. Lockers are operated with a 1 euro coin, which cannot be retrieved when the key is returned or the locker door is opened.


  • There are a limited amount of carriages available at the park. Visitors may use these free of charge. You must return the carriages by the entrance. Taking the carriages out of the amusement park premises is prohibited.

First aid

  • In case of emergencies, amusement park staff should be contacted immediately. There is a first aid room near the entrance. First aid supplies and band-aids are available there.

Nursery room

  • There is a nursery room by the entrance where you can change a baby’s diaper.
  • There is also a microwave oven for visitors to use.

Missing people and belongings

  • Report a missing child to the info booth at the central park.
  • You may obtain a name sticker for small children at the ticket booths on which you can fill in your contact information.
  • All items found on the premises will be sent to the info booth.

We reserve the right to close down rides for weather conditions or technical reasons. Purchased tickets or bracelets will not be refunded.