Tykkimäki Star Flyer
Tykkimäki Star Flyer

Location and contacts

The different services of Tykkimäki, amusement park, waterpark, camping area and indoor activity park, are located in Kouvola, Southeast Finland. Kouvola is easy to reach with a train or with your own car. The connections from Helsinki, Finland’s capital city, are great and you can easily reach Kouvola in just over an hour with a train.

Tykkimäki Amusement Park and Aquapark are located in a beautiful natural environment. The amusement park is hidden in the middle of a forest landscape and you can see over the nearby Käyrälampi lake from the highest peaks of the amusement park. Those who are brave enough to ride the highest rides are rewarded with a stunning view. Along with a healthy dose of exitement. Aquapark and Tykkimäki Camping are located right next to each other, along the pristine lake Käyrälampi. The clean and clear waters of Käyrälampi create a beautiful environment for visitors. The city centre of Kouvola is also located close to Tykkimäki.

Tykkimäki Actionpark is located at “Kouvola Prismakeskus” shopping center. Actionpark is open year around.

Within a 100 km radius of the amusement park you’ll find the cities of Kotka, Lahti, Lappeenranta and Mikkeli, as an example. Helsinki is 135 km away, and St Petersburg less than 300 km. Train connections to St Petersburg and Helsinki are excellent as Kouvola is an important railway hub. For those coming by car, there are good signposting along the major highways.

You can see train timetables and buy tickets here.

You can see the local bus connections from the city centre to Tykkimäki here. During the summer season, you can easily reach Tykkimäki with a bus from the city centre and Kouvola’s main railway station.

Tykkimäki Amusement Park

Map: Kanuunakuja 2, 45200 Kouvola
Tel. +358 5 778 700

The amusement park has plenty of free parking spaces. You can see the current bus connections to the amusement park here. During the summer season, there are regular bus connections to the amusement park form the city centre.

Tykkimäki Aquapark

Map: Käyrälammentie 20, 45200 Kouvola
Tel. +358 5 778 700

Aquapark has free parking spaces near the waterpark. Please note that there is no access to Aquapark from inside the amusement park. Aquapark’s main entrance is situated at Käyrälammentie 20. You can get to Aquapark by walking along a road path from the amusement parks parking area. The walking distance is about 500 meters.

Tykkimäki Actionpark

Map: Tommolankatu 9, 45130 Kouvola
Tel. +358 44 7711 700

Tykkimäki Actionpark is located at “Kouvola Prismakeskus” shopping center which has plenty of free parking spaces.

Tykkimäki Camping

Map: Käyrälammentie 22, 45200 Kouvola
Tel. +358 5 321 1226

Tykkimäki Camping is located right next to Tykkimäki Aquapark.